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What are the types of tasks?

Task type is a kind of task category. We can associate one or more task types with the settings of a kanban

What tasks can I access?

Each user of the system can see his own tasks, the tasks he follows, the tasks of the teams in which he is the leader or follower

You created a project and it disappeared. And now?

The projects are only visible to the project manager and members. If you have created and can not see it, you are probably not part of the team.

Can I create more than one pipeline?

Yes, you can create as many sales funnel as you need and also unlimited steps in each of them.

Can my clients access the help desk?

Yes. Your costumers will have restricted access where they can open tickets and track their status

How long should I make my planning?

We strongly recommend quarterly planning, but you will be able to make them as long or short you would like